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DJK’s Eco-Smart Model Home Grand Opening Event This Week!

Mark your calendars for Earth Day next Friday and Saturday and bring your family out for a day of eco-friendly fun and learning. DJK homes’ second eco-smart model home in Naperville opens to the public this Friday, April 22nd, 2016. If you toured our last net zero energy home in Naperville you won’t want to…

The Difference Between Custom Homes and Semi-Custom Homes

What’s the difference between a custom home and a semi-custom home? As you might expect, the answer is in the level of control that you as the buyer have over the layout, design, materials, and finishing touches that go into your home. Custom Homes A custom home is just that: everything is completely custom. Once…

Tips to Make Moving Into Your New Custom Home Easier

There are lots of articles out there that give you tips on how to make moving OUT less stressful (things like “start packing early,” “get rid of as much stuff as possible before you pack,” and “get friends to help you”) but what about moving IN? Moving in and unpacking your things can be just…