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The Difference Between Custom Homes and Semi-Custom Homes

What’s the difference between a custom home and a semi-custom home?

As you might expect, the answer is in the level of control that you as the buyer have over the layout, design, materials, and finishing touches that go into your home.

Custom Homes

A custom home is just that: everything is completely custom. Once you buy the land, you work with the builder, designer, and architect to develop a floor plan that works for you. You determine the style of house, how many floors it has, square footage, all the way down to where you want the electrical outlets to be. You also get to determine the finishes – flooring, cabinetry, tile, paint colors, light fixtures, and more.

If it sounds like a lot of choices, it is! But you will have help along the way. Ultimately, a custom home can be exactly what you want.

Custom home pros:

  • Complete control over quality, layout, design
  • Your house exactly as you want it

Custom home cons:

  • Typically takes longer to complete
  • May be more expensive depending on materials used
  • The amount of choice can be overwhelming

Semi-Custom Homes

A semi custom home is a blend between a pre-built house and a custom one, combining some of the best of both worlds. For a semi-custom home, you choose between several floor plans for the one that is closest to what you want. Then, you choose any options or add-ons (such as additional garage space). You also choose your finishes (flooring, cabinetry, light fixtures, etc.) from a more narrow selection of materials that the builder is already working with.

Although the choices are more limited in semi-custom homes, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can still get much closer to exactly what you want than with buying a pre-built home. Because the builder has worked with those floor plans and materials before, there are less likely to be mistakes or surprises. Construction time is shorter than for a completely custom home by several weeks. And, if you are working with a good builder, a semi-custom home is just as high quality as a custom home.

Semi-custom home pros:

  • Construction is faster
  • Less choices are less overwhelming for a homeowner
  • Less chance for unexpected surprises

Semi-custom home cons:

  • May not have complete control over quality of details
  • Choices are more limited

At Stewart Ridge, we have a wide variety of floor plans to choose from, and DJK Home Builders uses only high-quality materials and building techniques, so you can rest assured that your home is of the highest quality.

If you can’t find a floor plan to your liking, DJK Home Builders also have years of experience in building completely custom homes as well. DJK Home Builders has many building sites throughout the Plainfield/Naperville area if a custom home is more to your liking.