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Tips to Make Moving Into Your New Custom Home Easier

There are lots of articles out there that give you tips on how to make moving OUT less stressful (things like “start packing early,” “get rid of as much stuff as possible before you pack,” and “get friends to help you”) but what about moving IN? Moving in and unpacking your things can be just as stressful as moving out and packing everything. Here are some tips to help you get a head start on unpacking and make your new house feel like a home as soon as possible.

Planning Before You Move

If you’re already in the middle of unpacking and are looking for some instant help to make your life easier, this section isn’t the place to start. But, if you do have time before you move, these packing tips will make your unpacking much smoother.

  • Pack your boxes in a systematic way. While it does take more work and planning on your part, it’s going to be much easier to unpack boxes that contain related items and are carefully labelled than boxes full of unrelated items labelled “misc.” Giant inventory lists that tell you which items are in which box can certainly be helpful, but if you don’t want to get that detailed, at least label each box with a more specific title than just the room it goes in – “blender, coffee maker, stand mixer” as opposed to “Kitchen”.
  • Designate a few “open first” boxes per room with the most important items. When you’re packing the truck, pack the “open first” boxes last so that they are easy to get to when you arrive.
  • Use a copy of the floorplan that DJK Homes provided you with and map out where you want furniture to go, including couches, tables, etc. That way you can have the movers put the furniture right where it needs to go, and you can focus your unpacking efforts on getting things out of boxes instead of placing furniture.
  • Pack an overnight bag or suitcase. What things will you need right away? What things will you need in case the moving truck gets delayed? At least one change of clothes, toothbrushes & toothpaste, toiletries, chargers for your electronics, even towels and sleeping bags if you’re moving cross country & there’s any possiblity you’ll get to the house before your things.

What to Unpack First Once You Move In

  1. Make your bed. This may seem silly, but after a long day of unpacking, it’s good to be able to sleep in your own bed again, and not to have to make your bed once you’re already tired.
  2. Bathroom items. A long, hot shower is going to feel great after a long day of unpacking, so it’s good to have these items close to hand. If you packed a towel and toiletries in your overnight bag, unpacking all the bathroom things may not be quite as important.
  3. Necessities, especially kitchen items. Even if you’re not ready to cook a 4-course meal right away, you’ll still need bowls to eat cereal out of and a microwave to heat things up in, at the very least. Getting most of the kitchen set up an the boxes cleared away will make your new house feel like a home much sooner.
  4. In general, work from most-used rooms and items to least-used rooms & items.
  5. If enough of your things are unpacked that you’re starting to feel comfortable and you’re having a hard time pushing yourself to finish unpacking, try setting some goals, like “everyone needs to unpack at least 2 boxes each night.”


Enjoy your new custom home in Stewart Ridge! Explore Plainfield. Get to know the area. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it here.